Automation and industrial supply to the wastewater industry

As both a consumer and supplier to the wastewater industry we know, that a high level of service and a good insight into the environmental problems in question, is of paramount importance to this industry. Our society has an increasing focus on climate and the environment issues, and places increased demand on sustainable cities based on climate and environmentally-friendly supply solutions. Therefore, the industry must work with a variety of different solutions depending on local conditions, ranging from the collection of wastewater from households and industries, and the water that falls on the roads until it is lead from the sewage system to one of the five central wastewater treatment plants.

Vi supply customised automation for your plants

We understand the importance of custom made automation for your company to deliver maximum production return and be competitive in both quality and price. Therefore, we emphasize close collaboration from project start-up to delivery, to ensure that all aspects of the technical solutions and capabilities, that your systems should be able to deliver, are reviewed and adapted through a thorough project description and risk analysis.

Your parameters may be:

  • Increase operational reliability
  • Increase performance
  • More regulatory options
  • Improve user-friendliness

Automation and process monitoring is our know-how

We provide, among other things, installation of everything within engine and frequency converters, sensors and level sensors to complete switchboard installations such as SRO/SCADA pump control systems, monitoring alarms, etc.

We have extensive expertise in automation and offer, among other things:

Knowledge of the trade to your advantage

Our knowledge of the trade for the wastewater industry is solid, through the many years where we have delivered technical solutions to our customers. We have well-educated electricians and engineers employed, who possess competent skills to conduct everything from design and programming to troubleshooting, installation, and maintenance. We have the employee skills in-house. This means smooth and efficient collaboration on your automation solutions from design to implementation and service.

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Please contact us by telephone +45 5657 0066 or via our contact form, and we will be happy to serve you with your next automation project.

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