Power quality measurements

To see the power quality at our customer’s plants, DI-Teknik can perform power quality measurements and offer permanent logging equipment at all voltage levels from 400V to 132kV, thus continuously monitoring the power supply. This logging equipment can measure against different standards such as EN50160, Defu16 and more. Each week, reports are generated in a database at the customer, which can monitor whether events beyond the standardized limits have been taking place.

This device can send a text message via a GSM module if an alarm limit has been exceeded, for example, if the customer has been subjected to a drop of power. The equipment comes with a user-friendly analysis software that can indicate whether the disturbance is from the supply network or if it is generated in the customer’s own installation.

It is important to follow your voltage quality, as newly installed consumables quickly can distort the power, and in worst cases affect costly uptime.

What is THDv?

Harmonic voltages also shortened as THDv, are derived from harmonic currents. The sinusoidal voltage curve is influenced by harmonic current, then you get a sinusoidal curve that does not have its sinusoidal shape. THD stands for “Total Harmonic Distortion”.

Why pay attention to THD?

Harmonic currents may have some undesirable side effects in the electrical installation. This may be because of excessive power loss, which may shorten the life of motors/transformers, power supplies, etc., or potentially damage the consumables connected to the installation.

DI-Teknik can analyze the customer’s installation with mobile logging equipment and report with a survey of the power of the installation. Thereafter, there may be many different solutions depending on how the power quality appears.

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