Backup supply systems

Mobile 10-kV transformer station

We deliver mobile backup supply systems for acute tasks or needs. DI-Teknik has a mobile 10 kV transformer station at our disposal to ensure steady and environmen­tally friendly power supply, both during planned and acute projects.

The mobile transformer station consists of modules which can be used strictly as a 10 kV supply system and as a 10/04 kV transformer station with 2 X 800 kVA transformers and LV circuit breaker.

In addition to this, we have several diesel generators ranging from the smallest mo­bile units to 500 kVA units, which can be integrated into the mobile emergency system.

Backup supply systems

DI-Teknik delivers complete turnkey projects within emergency and UPS/backup supply for both high voltage and low voltage grids. We operate on all kinds of supply systems from the enormous main power supply of a power station to a battery-driven UPS on a network switch.

DI-Teknik offers assistance throughout the entire project from risk analysis to delivery and installation.

Contact information

Please contact us by phone +45 5657 0066 or via our contact form, we will be available for advice on solutions to get a temporary power supply put into operation.

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