Operating management of private 10/04 kV stations

One of our core competencies is the operating management of private 10/04 kV stations. This means for you as our customer that we undertake the necessary contact with the Danish Safety Technology Authority and utility company, as well as ensuring that the safety is optimal and in accordance with the rules for private 10/04 kV utility stations.

As the responsible operator, we ensure that the power supplies are operated and maintained in accordance with the requirements of SB5, as well as other regulatory and applicable procedures; SKS-D system, local safety regulations etc.

New Consolidation Act per July 1, 2017

Naturally, we comply with the entry into force of the new Consolidation Act on the operation of facilities per. 1 July 2017 – including an updated KLS-D system, as well as the performance of tasks according to the EN50110 standard.

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For further information please contact us on phone +45 5657 0066 or via our contact form, and we will connect you to one of our project managers, who is responsible in this field.

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