Automation and industrial electrical supply to the petrochemical industry

The petrochemical industry is the part of the chemical industry that uses fractions of oil and natural gas as raw materials. The chemical industry, which further processes its raw materials, consists of up to 700 companies in Denmark that develop, sell and market products based on chemical recipes. These are products we all know from our everyday life, such as gasoline, drug substances, detergents, and soap.

Common to this type of industry is the requirement for constant efficiency and profitability in operation and distribution, to accommodate a highly competitive market.

We customise your automation

We understand that the petrochemical industry needs customised automation to achieve maximum production return, and be competitive in both quality and price. Therefore, we emphasize close collaboration from project start-up to delivery, to cover all aspects of the technical solutions and capabilities that your systems should be able to deliver, through a thorough project description and risk analysis

Your parameters may be:

  • Increase production
  • Improve uptime
  • Increase operational reliability
  • Improve competitiveness

Let us provide service for your plants

We have extensive knowledge of your trade, as our customer references in the petrochemical industry count customers, who we have serviced with technical solutions and maintenance since we founded our company in 2003.  These are customers who make use of our many services from the design, programming, and implementation of hardware, and software, and the maintenance on-site to ensure the day-to-day operations.

We carry out many tasks such as:

  • Project engineering
  • Design and programming
  • Servicing of complete SRO solutions
  • Control of engine valves and pumps on storage terminals
  • Alarm and leak detection
  • On-site maintenance of production lines

Your partner in automation

We maintain your electrical installations, troubleshoot and repair on e.g. thermostats, regulators, and valves as well as flow and level sensors, switchboards and cables, protective motor switches and ATEX in zone-classified areas, as part of daily maintenance on-site. As part of the preventive maintenance, we perform thermography and ultrasound scanning of switchboards and devices, as well as perform ABA service.

Our company consists of a staff professionally competent and well-educated engineers, programmers, technicians, and electricians.  In practice, this means to you as a customer, that we can cooperate quickly and efficiently to solve your electrical and automation tasks, whether it’s new installations and plant extensions, or provide for the necessary service and maintenance at the factory.

Our expertise in supplying services to the petrochemical industry includes:

Contact information

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