eguide4DATA Version Control Software

Transparent Management of Source Files for Automation Projects and Documents

Plus4Data’s eguide4DATA version control module offers comprehensive management of automation projects and documents. The module tracks changes and integrates with automation vendors such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation, and Beckhoff, among others. It supports version and revision control, dependencies, as well as workflows for approvals and notifications.

Standalone or Integrated Operation

The module can operate both independently and in conjunction with other eguide4DATA modules.

Security and NIS2 Compliance

With the implementation of the NIS2 directive, there are stringent requirements for cybersecurity and protection of network and information systems. The eguide4DATA version control module helps meet these requirements by ensuring transparency and traceability in all changes, contributing to compliance with NIS2 standards.

Other eguide4DATA Modules

  • Backup & Image Module Automates backup processes for PLCs, robots, and field equipment. Supports scheduled backups and offers online/offline comparison with alarm function.
  • Analytics Module Provides advanced data analysis and KPI visualization. Includes a dashboard for quick overview and detailed charts for versions and backups, as well as predictive maintenance capabilities.
  • Workflow Module Allows defining custom workflows for notifications and approvals. Supports progress monitoring.
  • Monitoring Module Graphical visualization of production data with parameters and alarm limits. Can be combined with the history module for complete production data recording.
  • History Module Cycles recording of parameters via an OPC server and documents machine parameters.
  • Documentation Module Standard feature in all modules that handles all documentation and logging. Records changes and generates reports.
  • Support Module Allows the creation of support tickets directly in the eguide4DATA application and monitors progress. Also includes features for public tickets and requests for new features.

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Why eguide4DATA?

eguide4DATA stands for flexibility, standardization, data security, and cloud solutions for the implementation of Industry 4.0. This enables you to better respond to market demands, reduce costs, and manage and utilize data intelligently and automatically. For you and your smart factory, data is the center of success (Plus4Data).

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