Automation and industrial electrical supply for infrastructure and utility industry

Decision-makers in the utility industries who operate and manage our infrastructure and energy supplies are often faced with many complex issues of operation and maintenance. All of our infrastructures are constantly being improved, and with changes, stringent economic requirements for productivity, profitability, and operation follows.

Optimisation and high uptime are keywords for competitiveness

We understand the importance of custom made automation for your business to deliver maximum production return and be competitive in both quality and price. Therefore, we emphasize close collaboration from project start-up to delivery, to ensure that all aspects of the technical solutions and capabilities, that your systems should be able to deliver, are reviewed and adapted through a thorough project description and risk analysis.

Your parameters may be:

  • Increase production
  • Improve uptime
  • Increase operational reliability
  • Improve competitiveness 

Let us take care of your installations

In DI-Teknik, we carry out a wide range of tasks every day in industries supplying transport, producing district heating, biogas, and pellets. These tasks involve everything from design and installation of new automation systems to the maintenance of existing plants.

We carry out many tasks including building installations, control units, assembly of conveyor belts, screw conveyors and inserts for silos and tank systems, supply and assembly of converters, alarm and control panels, panic lighting and UPS installation in e.g. server room, delivery of comfort cooling and building ventilation and the like.

In addition, we perform non-visual cable detection, data logging and measuring voltage quality, and not least we carry out inspections and repairs in train preheater stations and switches, as well as operating management of private 10/0.4 kV stations.

We have great expertise in tasks such as:

Your partner in automation

Our experience is sound and reliable, and you can be confident involving us in your next project. Our company consists of professional and technical well-educated engineers, programmers, service technicians, and electricians in-house. In practice, this means to you as our customer, that we can cooperate quickly and efficiently to solve your electrical and automation tasks, whether it’s new installations and plant extensions, or provide the necessary service and maintenance at the factory.

Contact information

Please contact us by telephone +45 5657 0066 or via our contact form, and we will be happy to serve you with your next automation project.

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