Thermography and ultrasound scanning

Preventative maintenance using thermography

A part of the preventive maintenance is conducted using thermography and ultrasound scanning, where our certified technicians use a calibrated thermal camera, which complies with the latest requirements of the insurance industry.

The purpose of thermography is to identify bad connections and to detect excessive heat generation on critical components. Thus, any kind of defects can be detected before a costly production shutdown occurs and a potential panel board fire can be prevented.

Ultrasound scanning

Furthermore, we use ultrasound scanning to capture electrical noise from components, which are potentially overheating from within, but due to the encapsulation quality, is not detected during the thermography.

Insurance approved reports

Our reports are approved by the insurance industry, will always be delivered and reviewed in person together with the customer. In addition to this, we deliver the reports electronically.

Leak detection using ultrasound

DI-Teknik also performs leak detection by ultrasound scanning. With our advanced ultrasound equipment, we are able to detect leakages on all pressurized systems. E.g., steam, air, oxygen or medicinal gasses can be a major safety or operational hazard, besides producing major financial costs. Furthermore, this is an evident improvement of the safety and work conditions in the affected areas when the leakages have been repaired.

A service contract customised to your business

Naturally, we can make a service contract that suits your business needs.

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