Low voltage systems

At DI-Teknik we engineer low voltage systems and perform low voltage installations from 0-1000 V AD/DC according to applicable standards. This includes design, dimensioning, risk analysis and CE marking as well as submission of tender on request.

Our goal is to provide quality above all

We aim to deliver a quality product, using the latest technical solutions, so energy optimisation, as well as operational and personal safety, are top priorities on your installations. We ensure ongoing training of our employees, thus creating a functional product that, at the same time meets the financial framework for our customers.

We have the skills in-house

Unique to our company is, that we have all the relevant employee skills in-house. This means optimum utilization of both time and economy for our customers, as we can compose the right team of engineers, project managers, technicians, and electricians from design to implementation and maintenance of your installations.

Maintenance of installations

Upon completion of installation, we offer the latest installation maintenance techniques. Everything from component services, such as circuit breakers, to thermography and ultrasound scanning, and to voltage quality measurements according to, e.g. EN50160 / DEFU16.

Emergency power supply systems are stocked items

We have the necessary emergency supplies in stock, which can be set up for both scheduled and emergency tasks.

Contact information

Please contact us by telephone at +45 5657 0066 or via our contact form, we will take care of your installation tasks.

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