DI-Teknik cooperates closely with our associated company DI-Trykluft ApS, which has their business the same address as us. They have the same high standard of advice, service, and maintenance as we perform in DI-Teknik. They carry out turnkey projects from the design, implementation, and necessary pipework, with an eye for optimal functionality. Being next-door neighbors brings very good synergy for you as a customer, making it easy to collaborate on your projects from start to finish.

DI-Trykluft offers installation, service and preventive maintenance, which ensures the longer service life of your compressed air systems and reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns. With a service agreement from DI-Trykluft you will receive customized service, so your plants are serviced and ensured, that your production is operating with the best possible uptime.

Learn more about DI-Trykluft and their team on and services on their website: www.di-trykluft.dk

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Please feel free to contact us on +45 5657 0066, and we can provide you with the contact to DI-Trykluft.

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