Localisation for non-visible cables

DI-Teknik has skilled technicians who, by using the most efficient equipment on the market, are capable of troubleshooting and perform localisation for non-visible cables in the ground. For instance, we are dealing with faulty cables, leaking cable assemblies, a strike of lightning, excavation damage on cables, cables that are not tagged on the drawings etc.

Troubleshooting with high success rate

A code signal from a tone generator helps the instrument to locate most defects quickly and accurately. Thereby, the amount of time used for the shutdown and the loss of profit is there­fore kept to a minimum.

Contact information

Please contact us by telephone +45 5657 0066, and one of our skilled technicians will contact you. A troubleshooting is typically charged with our startup fee, as well as hourly consumption and mileage to the address.

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