ABA (Automatic fire alarm system)

DI-Teknik is certified under DBI in the installation and servicing of automatic fire alarm systems. An ABA system is based on several thermal or smoke detectors, alarm pressure, horn, flash and control panel, and orientation plans. The system is intended to sound in case of a fire and alert the fire brigade.

ABA Automatic fire alarm system

An ABA system may be required by the authorities because it is prescribed in the building regulations or Technical regulations (“building regulations” for flammable companies and warehouses), or due to other requirements in the building regulations.

Who needs to install an ABA system?

As well as due to requirements, you can voluntarily install the system to achieve greater security of

  • Personnel
  • Assets
  • Production
  • Buildings

The fire alarm system can also control functions such as door shut down systems and fire ventilation systems.

How can the plant be built?

The detectors used can be of different types. It is determined based on specifications of, e.g., reaction time and any considerations for the system’s environment. The most common detectors are optical detectors.

Alarm pressures are used to activate the system manually and can be used in emergencies where you want to evacuate the building quickly. On an authority-required ABA system, the alarm pressure will always send a direct signal to the fire brigade when you press it.

You can get three different types of alarms in an ABA system: sirens, voice alarms, or optical alarms (flash alarms). We help you map out which type will be most appropriate for your company, e.g., based on the size and use of the premises.

A service contract to improve safety

Our competencies in this area are aimed explicitly at industrial companies that use flammable media and companies that, for environmental reasons, as well as precious products or processes, have special fire detection needs.

A service contract at your ABA facility contains our obligation to provide service 24-7 in case of an acute situation on-site in addition to the annual statutory inspection.

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Please get in touch with us by telephone +45 5657 0066 and let us assist you with the assembly and servicing of your company’s ABA system.


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