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Data management for automation in all branches of industry…including yours!

Do you still manage your software programs and data manually? (PLC, SCADA, robots, CNC …)

If so, you know the following issues too well:

  • Where is the valid version?
  • When was a backup last made?
  • Do the current programs match the server?
  • What has been changed in programs by whom and when?
  • What changes have been added and used by colleagues or subcontractors/partners?

Versiondog can handle these issues

Your benefits:

  • Save time by automatically archiving equipment and plant data
  • Reduce downtime thanks to clearly organised device data
  • Simplify coordination with external contractors and use detail comparisons to verify that standards are adhered to and tasks are correctly carried out
  • Ease the process of approving changes
  • Secure modified programs and device data
  • Save time thanks to standardised documentation
  • Increase safety and security in production
  • Increase consistency and quality in production due to the ability to precisely track changes and their release as modified control programs
  • Maintain an overview through reports and indicators
  • Get valuable support in the controlled management of innovation, especially with regard to paving the way for the Industrial IoT

Key features:

  • Automatic backup for PLCs, CNCs, HMIs, robots, inverters, drives, sensors, …
  • Automatic verification that the online version is the latest version
  • Full documentation of program and project change history (“who changed what, where, when and why?”)
  • Fast and reliable disaster recovery strategy through clear version & backup management (“which program version was running on the controller?”)
  • Comparisons possible between all versions, right back to the base version (Life-Cycle Management), program block management with usage list
  • Supplier Check-Out & Check-In for external contractors
  • Alarm when discrepancies are found
  • Reports, logs, version identifiers, notifications and KPI evaluation
  • Range of standard interfaces and system add-ons

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