Prompt Christmas emergency response to faulty electrical switchboards

On Christmas Day DI-Teknik was called out to an urgent task at BASF, and two days later a faulty electrical panel was operating again, so the company’s production could continue without delay.

Prompt response. Super Professional handling. Impressive service.

Lots of compliments to DI-Teknik from Jan Andersen, operator of technical maintenance at BASF in Ballerup. During the Christmas holidays, DI-Teknik was able to service a faulty electrical control panel, so the production at BASF could go on as scheduled.

While Christmas peace settled all over the country, an alarm was set off and received by Jan Andersen on Christmas night. A major power cut had occurred at BASF in Ballerup. At BASF Jan Andersen’s field of work include planned maintenance, automation solutions, energy supplies to the factory in Ballerup.

“On the night between 24th and 25th December we received an alarm from our surveillance system that the facilities were left totally out of power. We immediately acted and by the arrival, we determined an acute bug in one of our electrical control panels which supply a considerable part of the factory. Thus, major parts of the factory were left without power. At the time, we did not have any production in progress, but a lot of the additional installations were affected by the power cut. The task was all about getting the power back as quick as possible.” says Jan Andersen.

The job was solved in two days

Early in the morning on the 25th December, Jan Andersen calls DI-Teknik on their hotline, which is open around the clock every day, also on public holidays.

“We have cooperated with DI-Teknik on some automation tasks, and I know several of their employees and have also learned about them from my network, so I considered that they were the best option in an emergency. Our experience is that DI-Teknik always gets the job done and on time, “says Jan Andersen.

Two hours after the call was made, a couple of specialist from DI-Teknik arrived on-site at BASF in Ballerup, which produces e.g. micro-encapsulated vitamins. The faulty control panel was inspected. Several components in the switchboard were defective and needed to be replaced. An action plan was evolved to restore the electricity supply to the factory as quickly as possible.

“We were offered various solutions and together we decided on a plan for the further progress. The goal was to restore electricity supply as quickly as possible, once DI-Teknik had provided for the necessary parts which needed to be replaced on the board, “says Jan Andersen.

The plan succeeded. From the initial contact to DI-Teknik on December 25th at 9.00 pm. to December 27th at 15.00 pm., the switchboard was disassembled and cleaned, had been through thermography, been reassembled and measured and the faulty components were replaced. DI-Teknik has provided the necessary parts to be replaced in the panel. Measurement reports before and after the repair have been conducted. Voltage was supplied to the panel, and the power supply to BASF was restored.

High satisfaction

“Of course, it was fortunate that we were not affected by such a large power cut on a weekday, so our we would have had downtime on production lines. With the help of DI-Teknik we got a solution that was both reliable, fast and made it possible for us to test our systems carefully before production started in the new year as planned, “says Jan Andersen.

BASF also express satisfaction with the way the DI-Teknik has handled the urgent situation.

“It is highly likely that we contact DI-Teknik again in future assignments. We are also considering whether we should expand cooperation with DI-Teknik to our installation tasks ahead. What we have experienced with our faulty electrical panel is service beyond what you might expect. I am impressed that DI-Teknik could appear and perform with highly qualified technicians as fast as they did on a public holiday. A few hours after we talked on the phone, they arrived at the factory and was in the process of solving the task,” says Jan Andersen.


On-call Service 24-7-365

DI-Teknik offers all companies an acute service, which ensures a rapid reaction when they need assistance. The service is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“Our hotline is staffed by employees who have both knowledge and experience to dispatch the right personnel from DI-Teknik to an urgent task. This allows us to address the customer’s problems with the right expertise up front. When you offer a service like we do, it is natural for the customers to expect a prompt response, and our goal is to be top of the class in terms of accessibility for customers. We know that companies can be in need of our core competencies at odd times,” says Hans Frederiksen, DI-Teknik.

The on-call service aims at companies with sensitive processes and productions, which relies on a very stable operation. The on-call service has the appropriate staff of technicians and engineers within process and production automation systems and energy supply, including high voltage services and other qualifications from our staff at DI-Teknik.

The above text and photos are approved by BASF for publishing on DI-Teknik A/S website and in the magazine Maintenance.

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