A mobile transformer station from DI-Teknik provides an environmentally friendly solution at Statens Serum Institut

A mobile 10 kV substation delivered by DI-Teknik has supplied Statens Serum Institut with stable and eco-friendly electricity supply in the expansion of a substation on-site.

A mobile transformer station has made the expansion of the high voltage supply at Statens Serum Institut (SSI) to a both an environmentally and distribution safe solution. During the establishment of a new high voltage ring, the SSI own main transformer station was turned off and instead, the high voltage supply was provided from a mobile transformer station – delivered by DI-Teknik in a 20′ container.” Our 10 kV-transformer station needed to be expanded and to be connected to A newly established ring connection, to ensure a more reliable and flexible high voltage supply. The challenge for us was to find an optimal solution to our supply during the week, where the work had to take place since our substation had to be shut down” says Michael Funch Pedersen, chief operating manager at Statens Serum Institut.

”It was very important to SSI that our production and critical processes were affected as little as possible because of our main transformer station had to be shut down for a week. The mobile 10 kV substation from DI-Teknik has been a good solution, and we expect to use the same solution again when we need to work on our 10-kV plant without voltage” says Michael Funch Pedersen.

New options and reliability

The new high voltage ring provides SSI with a more reliable and flexible power supply where supply can be provided from two options.This increases the security of supply to the numerous critical systems and processes at SSI. In the case of e.g. epidemics, SSI must be able to deliver vaccines and the institute strives for the maximum security of supply.

“As a spin-off benefit of the project, DI-Teknik has carried out service on several components, which otherwise cannot be maintained under normal operating conditions. “On a daily basis, we do not have the possibility of maintaining the operating voltage parts, so over time, errors may occur in vital units. These parts have now been maintained while decommissioning. Overall this service has provided a high level of operational reliability at our plants, explains Michael Funch Pedersen”.

No thanks to the use of diesel

The alternative solution to the mobile substation from DI-Teknik would be diesel-powered generators, and SSI did not want to make use of this solution. SSI usually have a consumption of about 3 MW, and it would require approximately seven diesel generators to maintain the daily power consumption. The consumption of diesel to meet this demand would be approximately 210,000 liters, equivalent to one tanker every day.
“Besides the financial cost, we value the use of environmentally friendly solutions, and we did not want to use this quantity of diesel. In addition, we could also be bothered by the diesel fumes from the generators. In our point of view, the diesel generators are equipment we use in emergency situations only, where there is no alternative, “says Michael Funch Pedersen.
By using the mobile substation from DI-Teknik mobile transformer station, SSI could continue to receive its power from DONG Energy’s more environmentally friendly electricity production.

Michael Funch Pedersen’s advice to other companies who need a temporary transformer station is to know your consumption well.” It is very important that you know your load conditions and its peaks exactly, so you get the temporary solution dimensioned with sufficient capacity,” says Michael Funch Pedersen”.

A Prompt reaction

The mobile transformer station from DI-Teknik is a solution designed with Siemens switchgear and transformers. The entire system is placed in a 20’ container which can be easily transported and established at the customer.

“We are able to deliver our mobile transformer station within a few hours’ notice. It meets all the formal requirements for high-voltage equipment, “says project engineer Christo Enkov, DI-Teknik.

The mobile transformer station features a modular design thus it can be applied as a 10-kV utility and as a 10/04 kV transformer station with 2 pcs. 800 kVA transformers and LV circuit breakers. In addition, a 500-kVA diesel generator also forms part of emergency preparedness and can be included as part of the mobile station. Overall a very flexible solution offered by DI-Teknik as one among its many services.

The article is approved by Statens Serum Institut for publication (Dec. 2012)

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