20 electric buses show the way to the green transport of the future

In collaboration with Umove, DI-Teknik has delivered the largest Danish solution to date for charging electric buses.

In addition to the 20 electric buses and 2 transformers, and 10 charging stations, the solution includes the bus operator Umove in Roskilde. DI-Teknik was chosen for the establishment of power supply, transformers, and charging stations.

For DI-Teknik, it became a close collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer Yutong, the world’s largest manufacturer of electric buses, and SSE, which has supplied charging containers and charging stations.

Technical requirements must match Danish legislation

It has been an exceptional task because we had to work with the two Chinese suppliers on the other side of the globe. The documentation we got from them was in Chinese, so it was a demanding process with a lot of dialogue back and forth to handle their technical specifications and requirements. We have had to find many alternative solutions, including the cables, as the cables the Chinese supplier had chosen for the solution are not available on the Danish market and do not otherwise comply with the Danish rules.

10 kV high voltage solution

The first decision was whether the power from Radius should be supplied as 400V low voltage or 10kV high voltage. Based on our experience in DI-Teknik, we advised Umove to become a so-called B10 customer, which is directly connected to the high-voltage grid. As we at DI-Teknik are approved as operations managers, we can be responsible for establishing 10kV / 400V transformers.

Electrical technical, operational responsibility, and on-call duty

After the charging facilities have been put into operation, Umove has chosen that DI-Teknik takes care of both the electrical technical, operational responsibility towards Radius and the on-call system 24/7 if they need emergency help.

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