10 kV main switching system changed in three weeks without downtime

Despite a tight schedule, a high voltage conversion to mobile transformer stations and efficient planning made it possible for DI-Teknik to dismantle an older switching system, reorganize the installations, and install a new Delta H3000 system from Schneider Electric at Novozymes’ factory on Fuglebakken in a short time.

10 kV Switchgear system changed without downtime at Fuglebakken

A reorganization of the high-voltage supply to two containers arranged as mobile transformer stations made it possible for DI-Teknik A / S to change the main switching plant at Novozymes’ factory plant at Fuglebakken without downtime. The replacement of the 10 kV system took place in just three weeks.

“If we had not relocated the supply to the temporary transformer stations, we could not have solved such a complex task in this way,” says John Huusfelt, sales manager for supply and high voltage in DI-Teknik A / S.

Novozymes A / S is the world’s leading biotechnology company in researching, developing, and producing enzymes and microorganisms for industrial use.

“A shutdown or downtime would be critical for production, but with this solution we secured the supply and the necessary time to dismantle the old plant, change the installations with new routers for both the high voltage and the controls and get a new plant installed that also required a lot of installation work,” says John Huusfelt.

DI-Teknik A / S is one of Denmark’s most significant automation and electricity companies and handles, among other things, the operational responsibility for Novozymes’ high-voltage plant.

Alternative to retrofit of circuit breakers

The existing main switchgear was from 1967, and the technical management had wanted the more than 50-year-old plant upgraded for a long time. Initially, management estimated that a replacement would be too costly and critical in terms of maintaining production. Therefore, a retrofit solution was strongly in consideration.

“Even though new switch units were installed on the old wagons as well as new relay protection, Novozymes would still have an older system. Instead, we proposed the solution with the temporary conversion, which, despite a tight schedule, would ensure the necessary time to have the plant replaced. Overall, it was even a solution where the economy still makes sense concerning an upgrade with retrofit,” says John Huusfelt.

At the same time, the new plant Novozymes ensures a much greater supply and operational security – and better economy in maintenance.

“The old circuit breakers required much maintenance, and the system had to be serviced every year. The new plant must be serviced at intervals of several years and is more sustainable. In addition, there is far greater personal safety associated with working on the new facility,” says John Huusfelt.

Planned to the smallest detail

It is Radius Elnet that supplies the factory plant on Hillerødgade, and the replacement of the main switching plant required an ongoing and close dialogue – not only in connection with the temporary reorganization of the supply, but also in the installation phase, when the billing meters had to be checked and installed in new cabinets.

“We had planned and coordinated everything down to the smallest detail before we embarked on the project, which consisted of three tasks: reorganizing the supply, dismantling the old plant, and installing the new one.

At the same time, the individual phases required reorganization of the installations, as Novozymes went from a double-rail system to a single-rail system,” says John Huusfelt.

The task was no less complex in that the main switchgear was installed on the first floor, which is why each of the 12 fields was separated, dismantled, and removed individually – among other things using a crane to lift them out down at street level.

Better quality and economy

DI-Teknik A/S has previously used the mobile transformer stations in connection with the breakdown or reorganization of the supply on other major installations. John Huusfelt sees great prospects in the solution when production companies, hospitals, and similar units with critical installations are facing replacement or upgrading of their facilities.

“It ensures the security of supply, a better economy, and a more efficient solution – and ultimately a better quality,” says John Huusfelt.

DI-Teknik A/S solved the task for Novozymes A/S in close collaboration with the international consulting engineering company, NNE, which specializes in pharma engineering.


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